Mike Williams, inventor and owner Lock-On Funnels

My name is Mike Williams, the inventor and owner of lock-on funnels.  I have years of experience working with Caterpillar® compact track skid loaders.  During those years, I realized that refilling the hydraulic fluid in the Caterpillar® compact track skid loaders was cumbersome, messy, time consuming and not very effective.  I decided it was time to invent and manufacture an affordable, safe and easy solution for Caterpillar® hydraulic refill.  Thus the lock-on funnel, which is now available for purchase on line.


If you have any questions, please free to call me at 615.838.4543 or email me at mike@1115designs.com


Caterpillar® Compact Track Loader Hydraulic Fluid Refill

So how do you currently refill the hydraulic fluid in your Caterpillar® compact track skid loader?

1 person to hold a funnel with a narrow tube while the other person slowly pours the hydraulic fluid into the funnel

That is the old way with: slow refill, time consuming, cumbersome, frustrating, messy and has the potential for possible contamination of fluid

Caterpillar Comtact Track Skid Loader Funnels


Lock-On Funnel For Caterpillar® Compact Track Loader Hydraulic Refill

  • All steel heavy duty construction

  • Proudly made in the USA - Old Hickory TN

  • Unique locking design keeps it self supporting and safer

  • Large tube for easy flow of hydraulic fluid

  • Contamination protection

  • Easy 1 person operation for pouring 5 gallons of fluid

Caterpillar Comtact Track Skid Loader Funnels


Check Out The Video Below On How To Use The Lock On Funnel