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The funnel was invented because of frustration of putting hydraulic oil in a Caterpillar® compact track skid loader. The reservoir is tucked away inside the machine in between the tracks and the loader boom arm making it extremely hard to hold a 5-gallon can of fluid and refill the reservoir. This is not an ordinary funnel it is very heavy duty with all welded steel construction and proudly made in Old Hickory Tennessee

  • A self-supporting funnel that locks onto the neck of the hydraulic reservoir tank 

  • Heavy duty construction made of welded all steel. Weighs approximately 3 lb and patent pending design

  • Strong enough to rest a five gallon can of hydraulic oil for easy pouring

  • A much safer alternative for filling the hydraulic fluid in a CAT®  CTL

  • Large tube allows hydraulic oil to flow into the reservoir tank as fast as it will come out of a 5-gallon can

  • Large flange at the base of the funnel keeps debris out of hydraulic reservoir tank

  • 2 neoprene sponge plugs attached to supporting cable keeps debris out of the funnel during non-use. Again keeping debris and dirt and foreign objects out of the hydraulic system increases the lifespan of the machine.

  • Fits all models of Caterpillar ® compact track skid loaders


Pictures & Videos

The Ultimate Funnel Solution for Caterpillar® Tractor Hydraulic Refill. CAT CTL hydraulic fluid lock-on funnel

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