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As  a kid growing up on my dads farm, TV and school did not interest me. I spent just about all free time in my Dads shop fixing up anything I could get for free…..old trucks that didn’t run, scooters that needed motors, go carts that was thrown in the junk…… you get the picture. Well 50 years later and Im still inventing, building, anything and everything from popcorn poppers, sprayers, hydraulic hose management devices, brush hauling equipment, mixers, cooking pans that stirs itself, packaging machinery etc.

For many of the 50 years I did different forms of land clearing, so I started focusing on products that solved problems relating to that industry. That’s when (out of frustration trying to add hydraulic oil into my CAT® CTL) I developed the Lock-On Funnel… I’m working on lock on funnels for other equipment that has the same type problems.


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If you have any questions, please free to call me at 615.838.4543 or email me at

The Ultimate Funnel Solution for Caterpillar® Tractor Hydraulic Refill. Inventor of Lock On Funnels for CAT CTL

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